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As the dynamic landscape of talent readiness shifts, Talent Pulse will track trends and recent research that shed light on the myriad opportunities for investing in talent and realizing results.

A persistent pitfall on the road to Talent Readiness is focusing too much on building the capabilities that are needed now – rather than those that will be essential in the near future.

A recent global talent study by Development Dimensions International underscores the need to prepare for a future that will be here before we know it.

DDI’s Global Leadership Forecast 2011, which surveyed 2,600 organizations in 74 countries, saw Identifying and Developing Future Talent move into the #2 spot on the top five most critical skills for leaders over the next several years. DDI concluded  that significant improvements in the quality of leadership will require focusing on this skill, along with Driving and Managing Change, Fostering Creativity and Innovation, Coaching and Developing Others and Executing Organizational Strategy.

The study found that investing in talent pays big dividends: Leaders in organizations with more effecftive leadership development  programs were eight times more likely to rate the quality of leadership as very good or excellent.

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Getting the Right People,
In the Right Place,
At the Right Time,
With the Right Motivation
Talent Readiness
The Future is Now
By Tom Casey, with Tim Donahue
and Eric Seubert

“In this timely book, Tom Casey and his collaborators Tim Donahue
and Eric Seubert show clearly the crucial role that collaboration plays
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Lynda Gratton – Author and Professor, London Business School